10 Inexpensive Organic Foods For Your Health

By: Samar Yahya

Organic food has recently become popular, as it is clean, healthy, safe and free of any artificial additions such as chemical fertilizer and pesticides.

The only concern about organic food is the high price, however we will talk today about 10 organic foods that would be eaten daily and at very cheap prices

1. Beans: Beans are rich with fibers and you can buy a can of beans for 10 riyals instead of 1.09 dollars for traditional beans.

2. Tea: Organic tea does not get any pesticides, while the traditional tea pesticides levels reach 26.7% of the time of cultivation.

3 – Corn flakes: Safe and perfect, especially non-genetically modified ones and their price went down to 30 riyals.

4 – Potatoes: few pounds of potatoes cost 30 riyals, which is better than potatoes that get pesticides more than its weight.

5. Spices: Organic dried herbs are not expensive at all, moreover they are delicious, and very healthy.

6. Apple: organic apples are inexpensive, delicious and healthy.

7 – Olive oil: It would cost you between 30 to 50 riyals and unlike normal olive oil, it is free of chemicals.

8 – Spinach: Its price ranges between 15 to 40 riyals, free of pesticides, and adds protein and vitamins to your nutrition.

9. Soy products: Traditional soybeans are 90% genetically modified, while the organic ones are completely safe.

10 – Berries: Organic berries contain 50% of antioxidants and vitamin C, compared to the traditionally planted ones.

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