Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Translation: Samar Yahya

Coconut oil is widely spread and used for skin and hair care and in cooking as well. Beauty experts Zeina Khaled will identify some of coconut oil benefits.

Coconut Oil Facial and Body Benefits:

– It is very effective as facial cleanser.

– Gives fairness and softness to the skin.

– Relieves and treats acnes as a natural antifungal.

– Treats split lips well, use a little of it before going to bed.

– Contains lauric acid, which helps to eliminate the bacteria that cause sweating.

– Helps remove dead skin cells; use it to rub your body before warm bath.

– Moisturizes the body after shower or before bedtime.

– Resists wrinkles and helps in detoxification of the skin.

– Protects against the sun and would be used for tanning.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair:

– Helps promote hair health, massage your skull and leave it for two hours then wash.

– Fast treatment of dandruff.

– Mix drops of coconut oil with shampoo if your hair is oily or with conditioner if your hair is dry.

– Saves hair loss and helps it to re-grow. Boil sage in coconut oil and use it twice a week, or soak garlic cloves for few days, before you use the oil to re-grow your hair.

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