Benefits of Swimming Before and After Delivery

Translation: Samar Yahya

Doctors always advise pregnant women to maintain their health by practicing certain types of safe sports. Swimming is one of the safe sports for mother and baby. Despite the gained weight.

Chlorine and Pregnancy

Many pregnant women are worried about swimming because of chlorine. They are unaware that chlorine is useful to avoid infections or diseases that would be transmitted in case water hygiene is not up to standards. In this regard coach Hanan Al-Saqqa explained that, prior to using swimming pool, the pregnant woman should ensure that the swimming pool is clean and that the added chlorine is in accordance to standards. The ratio should be 1-3 ppm, if the ratio is less than 1; chlorine will not be sufficient to eliminate germs and microbes.

Benefits of Swimming for Pregnant Women

– Strengthens muscles and muscles of arms.

– Helps burn excess calories.

– Helps relaxing the body during sleep, leading to a deep sleep without tension.

– Relieves fatigue and muscle spasms.

– Prevents feeling of morning sickness.

Tips for Safe Swimming

* The pregnant woman must stop swimming in case of discomfort or dizziness, and to check and monitor the heartbeat rate.

* Stop swimming in cases of previous abortion, premature birth, cervical weakness, or heart and lung diseases

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