Professional Tips on How to Choose Curtains

By: Samar Yahya

Curtains are one of the important elements to help the space looks complete while providing useful functionality.

Interior architect Mohammed Alghamdi tells us how to choose the right curtains, by considering the following factors:


First of all, think about the purpose of it and what it should provide. Is it to create privacy, block lights from outside or you prefer natural lights to shine through it.

These considerations should help selecting the right type of fabric and whether you need a single set or multiple sets or layers of curtains.


Now, it is the time to choose the right fabric to have a better sense.

Heavier fabric such as silk, abs, velvet would create more formal feel and they can also block lights and provide privacy.

On the other hand, if you want a casual look, you should choose lighter weight fabric such as linen. It can be sheerer, allowing more natural lights in.


After choosing functionality and fabric, we should now consider the colour of the curtains and see how it should blend in with the decor or demand attention on their own.

For muted role of curtains, select similar colours to the wall. However, curtains in bold colours will stand out against your wall adding exciting element to the space. Lighter colours will illuminate more with natural light and feel breezy, whereas darker colours will appear more heavy and grounding.

Prints and Patterns

Simply if you have patterned furniture, you might need solid coloured curtains in order to avoid a look that is too busy. But if you have solid colour furniture, then curtains with large prints can add more life into the space.

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