Hues of Orange For a Vivid Home

By: Samar Yahya

Bright colours are always linked to vitality, activity and energy. Interior designers advice to renovate your home is to think about and choose vivid colours.

Orange and its diverse and multiple hues is one of the top choices that would be used in almost every room. Orange in all its incarnations has a Vitamin C effect on home decorating.

Orange shades in decor elements are popping up and are usually impactful even in small items.


If you want to renovate your kitchen, it is not necessarily to use orange for all the cabinets. Paint two or three cabinets with burnt orange hue and get two of your kitchen table stools in orange.

Living Room

Use an orange upholstered sofa or even a set of two bright burnt orange chairs or stools that would match your beige or green living room. Also, throw a knit blanket on your sofa for a brighter living room look.


One of the easiest ways to add a little orange to the bedroom, are some throw pillows and a blanket. You can also replace the footstool by another orange one.

Dinning Room

The best way to use orange in your dining room is to paint the main wall with a hue of orange. With classic style furniture use darker hues and for contemporary and modern style furniture use bright orange.

Side Light

To add more glamour look, us orange side lamps on your bed table, or a couple of table lamps on a glass table at your living room.

Throw Pillows

What an easy handy way to brighten your living and bedrooms! Throw pillows of different shapes and sizes, it is the best and quickest way to add a vivid colourful tone to your home.

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