Favoured Accessories in Summer

By: Samar Yahya

As summer months are full of life and brightness, they are also about lightweight clothes that would not complete your look without jewelley and accessories to stay trendy and chic during the whole summer season.

People might think that jewellery is timeless and would suit all times and seasons, however and just as other fashion and costume trends and styles, jewllery and accessories change through seasons and years.


Turquoise pieces can be worn in anything you want, starting from rings, bracelets to necklaces and anklets. The vibrancy of this hue add special and unique look to you. Turquoise can add a pop of color to any look. It matches all colours specially black or white.

Gold and Golden

The first thing that always pops in our minds is a shiny gold accessory. If you prefer the shiny look, then do not hesitate and go for shiny gold items.

The classic gold always looks sophisticated and feminine, gold hued necklaces bracelets and rings. Golden jewellery match all types of looks, starting from dresses to simple jeans and casual looks.


For a bright and chic look, you should give a try to colorful accessories. Make a real statement by wearing attention-grabbing rings, bracelets and necklaces completed with shiny stones.


Some girls think of summer jewellery as the chunky ones. Wear a chunky necklace and pair it with a chunky bracelet made of gold or silver or any other kind of precious metal. They are perfect with simple T-shirt on the beaches and evening occasions for a fancy bold look.

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