Top Car Gadgets to Versatile Your Driving Experience

By: Samar Yahya

Some of us spend long hours behind the wheel to go and come back from work, thus car gadgets are essential to optimize their trips.

New and updated gadgets are there everyday and we find lots of options to upgrade and enhance the ride.

The choice would always depend on one’s interests and requirements during driving.

We have here some options that would facilitate your trips and make them smoother and more enjoyable.

USB Quick Charger

USB quick charger is one of the most useful car gadgets that would save you if you are going to a business meeting and your mobile is out of charge.

Get the one that allows you to charge two devices at full speed.

From a design point of view, the ones with aluminium case look more premium than the plastic options.

Bluetooth receiver

Following the traffic rules that no one is allowed to use the mobile while driving, Bluetooth receiver has become essential to everyone driving and not only the those who spend long hours driving.

You need to plug it into the audio system and pair it with your smartphone. The preferred option is the one with memory to remember your device and auto-connect whenever you are in the car or even close by.

Air Purifier

Due to pollution, air purifiers have become also essential in most of the cities around the world. You will find different air purifiers that are sleek, modern, and easy to install.

Some even have up to three-layer filtration system to eliminate the harmful bacteria, gases, smoke, and odors. And some have integrated air-particles sensor that show current air quality.

Car Kettle

Car kettle is ideal for real tea enthusiasts especially who travel outside the city, frequently. The car electric kettle is a handy gadget and would be plugged into the car’s lighter outlet to boil water from the driver’s seat.

In addition to dash cam, charging dash and mount and other creative car gadgets, and accessories with modern touch, they are all functional and will definitely alleviate your trips.

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