Metallics for Glamourous Home

By: Samar Yahya

Many interior designers use metallics in wal painting or furniture for a glamourous room look and to bring more light into a room.

These metallics could be used for a more visually appealing home. Interior designers suggest metallic touches of gold, silver, or copper accents in any space like kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. It is one of the best ways to brighten up home.

Metallic Wall Paint

If you consider renovating wall paint of a living room or any other room, think of the new metallic wall paint as a new colour and trend out of the norm.

Metallic paints can truly charm the ambiance of a room in a style that would fit to even the most ordinary space.

Metallics are not only gold or silver, but include diverse hues and shades of blue, green or even grey that are used by interior designers in classical living rooms and foyers.

Metallic Wall Covering

The metallic wall covering or heavyweight paper is another option that saves a lot of effort, giving instant results.

They would be used on the ceiling or wall, some types of these coverings have a fabric-textile feel for a luxurious wall look that matches characteristic home interior design.

Metallic Ceiling

A versatile design that would suit dinning rooms and add lots of light to it. Different patterns of the same hue would be applied to the kitchen and the

dinning room especially if they are connected adding an extra ordinary glam to the design.

Metallic in Furniture

Metallics are used more in interior designers and furniture for stylish feel. Cool metallic tones bring smooth, modern, artistic, bold and unique look to furniture.

Remember that metallic tones can be added also to artwork frames, coffee tables, embroidered curtains and upholstery such as silver grey fabrics.

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