Luxurious Bedding Ideas

By: Samar Yahya

It is a fact that we spend one third of our lives sleeping and multiple hours laying in bed. So, we have to pay extra care to the bed and the bedding to have not only a comfortable bed but also a luxurious looking one.

Today we will share bedding ideas to make your bed comfortable, modern and beautiful. To designers, the best bedding ideas come from all the bed’s layers including fabric, material colour and pattern.


Begin with determining your colour strategy; it is one of the most important components of the bed decorating process.

Use classic neutrals like white or off-white for the sheets, combined with monochromatic texture, bold colours or contemporary patterns for the accent pieces like decorative throw pillows, duvet covers and throw blankets.

Choosing classic colours while adding decorative accent items in bold colours and patterns is the key to a bed that is versatile all year.


A good mattress is the foundation to a good night sleep. Choose known brands of your long lasting mattress and use a good layer below the sheets that will give you a fluffy and comfortable bed to dive into.


One of the most important layers on bed, invest in good cotton sheets to have the feel of bed in top hotels. Neutral and pastel colours give you the space to use colourful duvet, pillows and decorative pillows.

Sleep Pillows

Pillows are important to a bed for comfort and design. To sleep comfortably, you need to make a balance between having too few and too many pillows. Luxurious sleep pillows would be made of down feathers, on the whole, you have to select the pillow you find most comfortable to you.

Decorative Pillows

Accessorize and decorate the bed with decorative pillows. Add a bold or unique touch to your bed by choosing a favorite pattern and colour that adds to and matches the bedroom design.

Bed Cover

A down fluffy comforter or light quilt are practical and luxurious bed covers choice that would be used during summer or winter.

Quilt colours should match the sleep decorative pillows colours for a classic look or contrast them for a bold look.

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