Dainty and Chunky Bracelets In Summer

By: Samar Yahya

Accessories are part of the women and girls elegance. There are varieties of bracelets to suit every style and occasion for every woman and can be worn to accentuate the casual and eveningwear.

They add a personal touch to a woman’s everyday look with diversified styles and designs.

Bracelets are accessories that have history; the early bracelets were made of grasses, tree limbs, copper and bronze, also, bracelets from gold and silver reflect wealth.

Today, bracelets are created from a wide variety of materials like metal, cloth, plastic, and leather and are typically embellished with gemstones, crystals, metal, and pearls to fit all lifestyles.

Styles of bracelets:


Tennis or line bracelets are straight, delicate chain design with some gemstones. They are made with gemstones or diamonds, As with all bracelets, length is important for comfort a too large bracelet can get lost, or catch on something and get damaged.


A bangle bracelet is made of gold, silver or copper with simple or engraved design. You can pair the bangle bracelet with a necklace for an elegant statement. They look great worn alone or stacked with different bangles.


Beaded bracelets are stretchable, and can be worn in a single or multi-row style. They can also feature gemstones and look wonderful when layered on the arm for a casual summer look.


Cuff bracelets are a type of inflexible wide and chunky bangle bracelets with no clasp or closure. There are varied styles and sizes and to choose the correct suit for you.

Chain and Link

Chain-and-link bracelets are commonly made of gold or silver. They are flexible and can range from very delicate chains to chunky designs and are perfect for layering.

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