Less is More for a Fresh Look in Decor

By: Samar Yahya

In our modern lifestyle, most of us seek to follow the art of decorating with less; the minimalist furnishings with a few pieces of artistic decorations.

Of course it is not that easy to achieve this minimalist, yet elegant home décor. It takes efforts and thoughts to create a livable minimalist space where one can feel warm and inviting.

Here are few steps on how to achieve and master the minimalist look at home.

Cut Down the Clutter: The first and most obvious step is to have fewer things. Move any item not is use and clear your surfaces by displaying only necessary pieces.

Double Purpose Furniture: Stay organized by taking advantage of furnishings that are double purpose such as storage sofas and benches, boxes and bookcases.

Invest in Quality designs: Every piece of furniture should be chosen carefully to create the overall feel of a room.

Stick to Neutrals: To keep things calm and minimalist, try neutral hues, you can also incorporate different tones of the chosen hues.

Bring in Nature: Flowers and plants can be used in every style of room, adding lush hues, unique textures, and a breath of fresh air.

Embrace White Space: Blank spaces allow what decor you do have to stand out; they have their elegance and are as impactful as those that are occupied.

Use Texture: With neutral colours, bright up the whole look with a variety of textures, but make sure not to overboard with too many at a time.

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