Smart Accessories for Daily Use

By: Samar Yahya

Mobile phones and gadgets complete each other and have become essential or we can call it the center of our life. The accessories and gadgets further enhance and level up the experience of using the smartphones.

We have today picks for best gadgets and mobile accessories

Smart Home Assistant

Home Mini smart assistant, helps you to enjoy while you control other smart home devices.

Camera Lens kit

Taking photos is an everyday practice that majority of us do even those who are not photo fans. The camera lens kit makes it effortless for everyone to take landscape photos easy wide-angle lens for high-quality pictures.

Portable Photo Printer

Sometimes we need quick and easy way to print photos directly from the phone gallery, the pocket-size portable photo printer is the latest smart gadget to enable you do so.

Armband to Hold Phone

You can get one that is compatible with most phones, especially one with a small pocket to hold key during workout, exercise and jogging.

Mini Projector

Mini projector is so practical at work and home. Download its app to use the phone as a remote control for business fast presentations or home entertainment and streaming of YouTube for example.

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