Best Way to Wear Sunscreen with Makeup

By: Samar Yahya

The hot summer is coming soon and sunscreen is essential with the summer heat. We all know how to wear sunscreen, however you need to know how to wear sunscreen with makeup especially with foundation.

Some might say that foundation already has enough SPF, let’s talk today about tips on how to wear sunscreen with makeup and foundation

How to choose Sunscreen?

– Choose physical sunscreen that has Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide especially if you have sensitive skin.

– You can apply this sunscreen under your foundation it even can act as a primer.

How to Apply Sunscreen

– Do not rely on makeup as source of SPF; you always need to wear sunscreen underneath your foundation.

– Sunscreen will actually provide a better base for your makeup application.

– Experts recommend applying sunscreen a few minutes before applying the foundation so as to allow your sun protection to set and really penetrate the skin.

– Make sure you get a generous even layer of sunscreen on your face before applying any other cosmetic products.

– While you are out, you can put sunscreen over your foundation.

– If you always work in office and do not need to go out, so reapply sunscreen every four to six hours.

– If you are staying outdoors, be sure to reapply every two hours.

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