How to Style your Hijab Fabrics with Outfits

By: Samar Yahya

There are two main elements you should consider when styling your hijab with the clothes; namely colour and material. Hijab fabric or material completes your elegance and would change your look same as its colour. Today, we brought you some tips on know how to choose each hijab fabric to ample your hijab style.


Chiffon is one of the best materials for winter and summer outfits. Chiffon hijab adds more softness to your outfit so it is suitable for cotton, wool or velvet clothes. Make sure to avoid chiffon hijab when you are wearing chiffon clothes.

ndefined Satin

The satin hijab especially the ones with a print are always an elegant choice with wool, cotton or linen clothes but not with velvet clothes. Satin hijab can be worn with softer shades of satin clothes.


Cotton scarves are the most practical ones for a hijab; they can be worn throughout the whole year as they match almost all fabrics especially in summer.

ndefined Velvet

Velvet is a winter fashion choice, especially as a turban. It is suitable for eveningwear. Velvet gives a shine that matches lighter materials such as silk or chiffon.

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