Coloured Mascara for Fashionable Look

By: Samar Yahya

Coloured mascara is back again and models on international runways came out with sundry mascara colours. The colours are varied in hues like blues, reds and greens, thus it would be used in countless ways to incorporate into your beauty routine.

If you like the bright colours you can layer coloured mascara over your favourite black one to add a fun tint to your lashes.

How to wear coloured mascara


· Wear it with barely-there makeup; focus on the colour of mascara that matches or contrasts with your costume.

· Add a pop of colour to black to your lashes and then go over with a poppy pink or a purple.

· If you want to accentuate your eye colour, wear mascara that will work for your eye colour like green mascara on hazel eyes or deep blue on grey eyes.

· Some easy ways to try coloured mascara include focusing your eye makeup only on swiping bright purple or pink mascara on your top and bottom lashes.

· Coat just your top or bottom lids with the vibrant hue of your choice.

· Match your liner or lipstick to your colourful mascara for a monochromatic effect.

The following photos are some of the best looks to try out coloured mascara

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