Copper in Home Decor

By: Samar Yahya

Using copper in home décor is unique and creates a modern yet rustic focal point in any room. What is intimate about copper is that it would be used almost in every room.

Here are some affordable ideas for using copper:

Copper Frames

A copper-framed mirror is an excellent and affordable way to add a little warmth to the wall in the foyer, living room or bedroom.

Copper in Bathroom

An effortless renovation of the bathroom would be by using Copper piping, copper showerhead, and a copper lampshade along with all bathroom accessories.

The copper adds special elegance to any neutral colour of bathroom.

Copper Pendant Lights

Polished copper shades create a bold atmosphere in an eclectic dining room.

Copper kitchen Utensils and Planters

Pots, pans, moulds are extremely chic and useful. You can also choose appliances as décor to use every inch of the kitchen.

Copper planters would be used in different rooms, the kitchen and corridors, most of these planters are recycled from copper pipes.

Copper Sink and Tap

Effecting your copper look and design in the kitchen and benefit the anti-microbial properties of copper, choose a drop-in copper sink in your kitchen.

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