5Minute Workout At Home

By: Samar Yahya

We are always keen to go to the gym, but most of the time it is difficult to include it in the daily routine.

Here are some easy workouts for women to do at home.

Basic Beginner Workout to Do at Home

Walking: It is one of the best forms of exercise that many new exercisers might enjoy. You can do it easily at home by going up and down a corridor for at least 5 minutes.

Getting in and out of a chair. This simple act of sitting down in a chair and standing up requires you to tighten your tummy, stabilize your hips, and use your strong leg muscles. As a beginner, do it several time everyday.

Going up and down the stairs: It can be a challenging home workout tool. This exercise helps you build strength in the upper and lower leg. It also requires balance and knee stability.

Getting up and down from the floor: Using a yoga mat or a soft carpet, sit down on the floor and then stand up again. It helps the full body strength, flexibility, and coordination.

These workouts will build your fitness for more complex activities that you might do in a gym.

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