Beat Your Stress with Ashwagandha

By: Samar Yahya

Ashwagandha is a plant known as a medical herb in Ayurvedic medicine. The name Ashwagandha is from the Sanskrit language and is a combination of the word ‘ashva’ (meaning horse), and ‘gandha’, meaning (smell).

The root of the plant has a strong aroma and Ashwagandha is described as “Indian ginseng.” Ashwagandha has a lot of uses and benefits and the youtuber Dr. Kareem Ali talked about it and advised taking it to help the body cope with daily stress. It calms the nervous system, eases stress and gets rid of insomnia

Benefits of Ashwagandha

* It helps reduce physical and mental stress and overcome depression.

* Ashwagandha might lessen blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

* It might help in improving thinking ability.

* Helps reduce cholesterol levels in patients with high cholesterol.

* Preliminary research suggests that a combination of herbs including Ashwagandha improves Parkinson’s symptoms.

* Some clinical research shows that a combination herbal product containing Ashwagandha may improve attention and impulse control in children with ADHD.

* When applied on the skin, it helps in treating wounds, decreasing pain and swelling.

How to take Ashwagandha

– Mix 1 teaspoon of Ashwagandha powder with a cup of hot milk and drink before bedtime.

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