Floral Nail Designs

By: Samar Yahya

Floral nail designs are of the patters that every woman likes. The red and white combination is one of the delightful patterns, simple yet with classy designs.

Today we will go step by step to show you how to apply this design.

You Need

* A white nail polish

* Red nail polish

* Purple nail polish

* Transparent nail polish

* A thin nail art brush or a nail art pen


* Start by applying two coats of white nail polish as a base.

* Use a thin brush; create the flowers on one side of the nail with a red nail polish.

* Use the purple nail polish to add some shadow to the red flowers.

* Finish with a transparent top coat.

You can also create these drawing of flowers on the whole nail instead of just one side. Use other bright colors you like over your white base. One more suggestion is to have the red coat as your base and draw the flowers in white.

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