Saudi Female Fashion Designer Member of Cairo Fashion Show 6 Panel

Translation: Samar Yahya

Saudi fashion designer Ola Zeid participated in ‘Cairo Fashion Show 6’ as a panel member of the ‘Youth Fashion Designer’ competition, which includes a cluster of fashion designers.

During the season, she presented valuable gifts to the winners. Businesswoman Samar Yassin, a representative of the convention management, also honoured her.

Following the competition, Ola introduced her new collection (black and white) of Haute Couture 2019 Abaya.

This collection includes ten pieces, five of which were black with white beads, pearls and Swarovski crystals and fine floral and leaves designs, to give them more glamour and elegance.

The other five were white Abaya for brides, embroidered with pearls and crystals to give the look and appearance of princesses’ Abaya.

She noted that the collection is of Haute Couture designs for evenings using the Shantung fabric. It suits women of 25 years and above for the most luxurious occasions.

Ola explained that in her designs she tends to softness and smoothness, as well as that she does not favour sharp and bold drawings.

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