For The Love of Tea

anslation: Samar Yahya

Did you drink a cup of tea by itself? Tea! The top beverage in the East, and the only beverage that is enjoyed in groups and can bring different people together, unlike coffee that everyone prefers to enjoy it by himself.

Chinese were the first to know tea, and then it spread from India to the entire world; to become one of the English Royal Family traditions.

The most important types of Tea:

   Black or Red tea that increases immunity.

Green tea is considered the most beneficial as it works on burning fats.

Oolong tea is a Chinese semi-oxidized and is a state between green and black tea.

White tea is one of the most rare tea types extracted from the small buds of the tea tree.

Earl Gray tea, an aromatic tea with its unique taste, being mixed with a bergamot orange.

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