Top 6 Hair Colours in 2019

By: Samar Yahya

Hair colour is part of any woman makeup and that is why we can see shows made especially for hairstyles, haircuts and colours.

For 2019 the hair colours the main colours are brown and blond shades with their varieties, in the following lines we will talk about the hair colours of 2019.

Mushroom brown

We would say that mushroom brown has met great response in fashion shows with its stylish and earthy touches and it is suitable for all ages from college girls to executive and working women.

Chestnut Brown and Gold

Classic chestnut hues are there with subtle upgrade of golden highlights. The best part about this colour is that it is so easy to maintain—especially if you are starting with a brown base.

Chocolate brown and Copper

It is continued from 2018 colours, however classic, chocolate brown will be enhanced with all-over copper highlights for a unique look that is truly pretty.

Ash Gray

If you are fond of keeping colour dark for your hair, this ash grey is your best choice. The darkest parts will be along at the hair with a light, moody gray toward the hair ends.

Baby Blond

Those of us who are fond of the light colours especially the shades of blond, the baby blond with its sun-brightened natural sleek will give you this very natural look. Just make sure to lean towards pale blonde tones rather than pure icy.

Strawberry Honey

This hue is the perfect middle ground between golden blonde and vibrant copper. This creamy shade fits those who like the red colour hair, yet they want to follow this year’s fashionable colours, it is the subtle way to have red in a very light way.

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