Igal an inimitable accessory for Men

By: Samar Yahya

Since a very long-time, Arab men in the Arabian Peninsula have worn headdresses to protect their heads from the hot sun.

By time, the headdress has become part of the national costume which is either Ghutrah or Shemagh. Igal; the black woven cord made of camel or sheep wool and is used to hold Ghutrah or Shemagh, is an essential accessory for every man.

Saudi people are always known for their keenness to maintain their traditions and cultural trends and historical attire, and we can see youth nowadays also preserve these trends especially in occasions such as weddings and Eid times.

Igal is also part of men’s fashion and it varies in thickness, material and sophistication design. Most of Igal are black and woven from camel hair with varying degrees of silkiness depending on the material used to weave them, and how tightly they are weaved. The Igal adds more elegance to Ghutra, or Shemagh.

Igal, it is attached in a single loop folded into two close rings, which can be adjusted according to the size of the head to optimize comfort and stability.

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