Superb Mosaic Tiles at Home

By: Samar Yahya

Mosaic is an art, which dates back to the Greek and Roman times. Nowadays it is used to decorate our homes, adding more authenticity to the house. While there are lots of different uses for mosaic tiles in any room of the house, many of the old designs, methods and techniques are still used today.

Mosaic in Bathroom

Mosaic tiles can be used to create a wonderful background of the mirror; images would be designed on the wall, and of course it would be used to create a cohesive interior design to cover the entire wall.

Mosaic in Kitchen

The focal point of the whole décor in the kitchen is always the backsplash and here comes the mosaic tiles as great option to create for example a framed image or to cover the whole backsplash.

Mosaic in Living room

The mosaic tiles are no less in the living room for a unique background of the main sofa that would create a scene of larger space.

Mosaic in Dining room

If you have the dinning room as a space within the living room, why not to create a separating wall covered with mosaic that would add uniqueness to the whole atmosphere and create a way of privacy between the two spaces. It would also be used as a decorative design for the dining table top.


To create an eye-catching floor whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom, mosaic floors beautifully complement the whole design.

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