6 Rules Help You to Arrange Furniture

By: Samar Yahya

When it comes to the interior design of your home, there are many things to take into consideration. Whether you are looking to rearrange your furniture for a quick refresh or a way to showcase a new statement piece, keeping these essential tips in mind will help you set the tone for the perfect living space.

Add Your Personal Style

This is the most important rule; before you start out, specify the look you want to achieve. Being sure of what you want will make it easier to achieve.

Take Measurements

Measure the room, it is important to pick appropriately sized pieces. Make sure to select furniture that is not too large for the space with balance between the items.

Pick a Focal Point

Decide what the focus of the space is and can arrange the furniture around it; it might be a table, home theatre or any other piece of furniture.

Create Access to Tables and Storage Cabinets

Set up the seating area and place the tables and storage keeping in mind the use of them. Side tables and coffee tables should be easily reached. Also, ensure that cabinets and drawers have enough space to open fully.

Visual Balance

In interior design, balance is an important aspect. Avoid clustering all of the large furniture pieces together and be sure to vary shapes, sizes, and textures of furniture in the room to keep it balanced.

Lighting Elements

Make sure that your space has lighting both natural and practical electrical with artistic sense and value. Use a mix of both overhead, floor and table lamps to assure a well-lit room. Spot lighting is also great to highlight decorative pieces of art you are interested in

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