Men’s Shawl for a Neat Winter Look

By: Samar Yahya

Men’s accessories are essential; some of these accessories are typical for a specific season For example, in winter every man needs a Shawl or two

.It’s not just for heating, but also for a complete look with a brighter shade

There are plenty of options on how to wrap a Shawl around your neck, or some people prefer to follow the styles of celebrities such as the master of Shawl tying – Johnny Depp

:Your Quick Guide on How to Wear a Shawl

.Keep in mind a Shawl brings in more attention through its volume*

.For a more elegant and neat look go for Shawl made out of cashmere, or merino wool*
. Make sure your Shawl and clothing go together in terms of style and colour*
Pair sporty jackets with thinner Shawl, while leaving luxurious Shawls to be paired with suits or jackets

The Traditional Way

To tie your Shawl the traditional way, just throw it around your neck, again making sure both edges hang evenly on each side. A simple checked Shawl in a contrast colour always works well with a jacket, a suit or a longer coat

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