The Benefits of Resistance Exercises Underwater

Translation: Samar Yahya

Muscles are target of resistance exercises, while practising muscles rely on the stored chemical energy (ATP + creatine) and glucose to produce energy with no required oxygen. These types of exercises take a short time but are relatively tough, when practiced in the swimming pool.

Main Resistance Exercises Underwater:


Jogging is one of the most powerful exercises for leg muscles as it promotes breathing and blood flow. Researches have shown that aqua jogging benefits are doubled if exercised regularly it and has a quick effect on weight loss. It would be practiced 30 minutes two to three times a week, and one would burn 800 calories per hour.

Underwater Spinning:

Exercising in the swimming pool adds health benefits same as those are exercised on land, especially underwater spinning where its results are equal to land cycling.

Weight Lifting:

Resistance exercises build the muscles through (weight lifting) or push exercises that are of high strength levels or by using body weight at resistance exercises or water gymnastics.

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