5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Smell Fabulous

By: Samar Yahya

All of us want our homes to smell amazing at all times. Every house has its special odor or scent and we are not totally aware of it. Do you want to know how to make your home smell good and to have a nice fragrance?

Here are simple steps:

Make a Simmer: Simmer water and add citrus slices or peels, herbs, cinnamon, mint or lavender. The heat will infuse the sweet scent throughout the house.

Fragrance Candles: They are one of the options that make the house smell sweet. Place the candles in different rooms and light them for a short time, then the smell will prevail and last for long time.

Dried Roses or Citrus Peels: In small pots on side and end tables, place-dried roses or a mixture of dried citrus slices or cinnamon sticks, they will all smell attractive.

Spray Carpet Freshener: Choose a scent that matches other scents that you use for the house. The carpet freshener is another easy and quick way that adds to the nice fragrance of your house.

Perfumed Cotton Balls: Soak cotton balls in a perfumed oil or cologne and scatter them around the house in small pots in the house corners or between cushions.

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