Recycled Items to Decorate Your Home

By: Samar Yahya

Recycling has become an international phenomenon, which is beneficial not only for us but also for the environment. We throw a big quantity of items every week consisting of plastic bottles, cans, bottle caps and lot more.

So, we can use these items into some functional and decorous items for new look of home interiors.

Repurpose Old Door

It is so easy to repurpose an old wood door into a practical shelf unit that would look great in any room especially the living room.

Old End Table into Bench

A wooden end table would be transformed into a comfortable and trendy bench as and additional seating place and new idea for décor.

Recycled Cans for Storage

A great way to recycle cans of coffee, paint cans, or any other large cans is to build a shelf frame to fit around the cans and mount onto the wall for practical storage above a desk.

Old Tyres into Cozy Seating

Put old tyres to good use as seating at home, you can transform disused tyres into extraordinary high-profile seating.

Plastic Bottles into Plant container

These plant containers can be placed on kitchen windowsill, especially if you use them for fresh herbs.

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