Add a Beautiful Silver Touch to your Make-up

Translation: Samar Yahya

Many women are not in favour of silver eye shadow, because it is a so bright also, they are convinced that it does not match our complexion.

Here are some tips by make-up expert Hind Ezz Eddin on how to use silver eye shadow in a beautiful and harmonious way.

• First it is important to add a light tan colour to your skin using bronze foundation cream or bronze powder.

• When using silver eye shadow, avoid adding cold colors such as blue, fuchsia and pink, yet add a simple touch of any warm color, such as brown or orange.

• Use the silver color on the lower half of the eyelid only and do not to go up towards the eyebrow.

• Silver could be used at the inner eye angle only or as a fine line under the eye instead of using it as an eye shadow.

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