Potatoes ooh Potatoes

Translation: Samar Yahya

No one would debate our love to potatoes; it is the only crop that meets everyone’s craving. Whether baked, fried or cooked, potatoes are a meal that can bring you joy and enjoyment. No matter your age is potatoes would make you feel as a young child enjoying eating.

Indians in South America began cultivating potatoes four centuries ago, in the valleys of the Andes. Instead of wheat, they used potatoes to make a thin, light dough called chuno for making bread.

The Spanish people (who were the first to eat potatoes among Europeans), introduced potatoes to Europe in the second half of the 16th century. Known as the Irish potatoes, the Irish brought potatoes to Ireland which became a main source of food for majority of the Irish.

Brought to North America early in the17th century, potatoes were not an important crop until Irish settled immigrants brought potatoes to New Hampshire in 1719.

Benefits of Potatoes

• Help in digestion

• Enhance brain function

• Control blood sugar level

• Prevent of chronic diseases

• Support bone health

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