Tea Party The Classical Means of Communication

Translation: Samar Yahya

Tea is one of the most traditional drinks in the Arab world and people are used to have it at certain times. Some Saudi families still maintain the teatime as a family gathering to chat while drinking tea with some desserts and pastries.

To new generations, who are coffee fans, Tea Party is a term that has no relation to tea; whereas to old friends Tea Party remains their means of communication and hospitality.

Since Tea Party is often less costly and more intimate, we have simple preparation tips for any host to have a successful Tea Party.

– Place the tea table in the dining room, leaving a space for guests to move comfortably.

– Cover the table with a white tablecloth with dainty decoration.

– Place a tray on each side of the table, one for tea and the other for coffee.

– Place the cups and saucers on the left side of the tray.

– Tea Parties are preferred to be in the afternoon.

– When the weather is moderate, it is better to have the Tea Party at the terrace or in the garden.

Party Tea Food

Desserts are preferred, especially the English cake that always comes first in favour of the tea English tradition. Hence, cultural touches added some more items such as cheese pastries, Italian bread fingers, Pavlova with fruits, caramel éclair, cheese patties and mini- sandwiches.

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