Dynamic Filler Ends the Poker Face

Translation: Samar Yahya

Since Filler is linked to beauty and cosmetics, it is being discussed among ladies and girls

Dr. Fadi Nasr, cosmetic consultant in Riyadh, explains, the latest techniques currently used to avoid what has become known as the poker face.

Why to Use Filler

Dr. Nasr says that Filler is a cosmetic treatment, used for subcutaneous filling, for two main purposes. The first is to reduce wrinkles and scarring,

The second purpose is augmentation and enlargement.

Types of Filer

Different types of injections are available, including: injections of hyaluronic acid, collagen injection, and injection of fat cells.

Dynamic Filler

Dynamic Filler is the latest technology used in facial filler; it goes between layers of skin and is not sensed or observed, but is done in a compact and natural way.

Secretion and the dynamic filer is capable of stretching and adapting to facial expression gestures.

Facial Filler damages could be:

* Permanent Bruising and Bumps.

* SwellingSkin Rash

* Facial malformations

* Facial Muscle Paralysis

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