Diverse Backpacks for Boys and Girls

By: Samar Yahya

Backpack has become very common for almost everyone and is used everyday. It is one accessory that is very practical for girls outings, schoolgirls and boys and college students. Going to school, shopping or travelling, backpack is more convenient and can carry more stuff.

Famous brands always have their collections of backpacks that vary from bright, bold colors and printed to smooth leather pieces with endless choices.

Shiny Backpack

It is the favourable one for teenage girls especially when it comes in bright colour-changing sequins.

Pastel Backpack

Is best for those with the classic look and who like the minimal colouring. It also matches formal costume.

Floral Backpack

What is better than the floral backpack for college girls to carry their laptop. It is also a good option for morning meetings.

Laptop Backpack

Laptop backpack is the best choice for high school students, especially boys. It can carry as much stuff as they need and would be highly durable.

Mini Backpack

Girls from different ages, whether school or college girls they all love to have a mini backpack. It always comes in different colours and shapes but with one main trait that it is mini.

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