Top Accessories in 2018 Summer

Translation: Samar Yahya

The stylish look of a lady is always completed with the matching accessories. During this summer’s fashion shows, wide varieties of accessories were highlighted. The appearance expert Layal Amer advises you about the most essential accessories this summer.

– Hair bands and hoops, lift your hair and tie it, but leave your fringe.

– The transparent bag was present in all international fashion shows, get a large one, and inside use a small leather bag of bright color.

– Beach bags, of straw or wood with bright colors and drawings.

– Large sunglasses with beads and pearls on the edges.

– Beach hats are also made of colored straws and decorated with either flowers or pearl beads.

– Colored bangles use many of them in one of your arms or both, also combine silver with golden ones.

– Light and large colored shawls, can be used around d the neck or over the swimming suit to cover your body on the beach.

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