Innovative Ceiling Styles for Your Home

By: Samar Yahya

Have you thought before how many walls are there in any room? Almost all of us say 4 walls. In fact we always forget the ceiling when decorating our rooms.

Ceiling is the 5th wall that would change the look of our homes. The interior design of the ceiling is a main factor of the overall design of our home or office as well.

Here are innovative ideas for outstanding ceiling designs:

Painted Ceiling

Add an artistic pattern to the ceiling of a modern living room and kids room with colourful painted ceiling. It would be inspired from the blue-sky theme or other theme to match your styled room.


Use wallpaper on the ceiling when you are not using it on walls. It might be too much if you use it on all four walls and the ceiling and it will tie all the design items together.

Herringbone Pattern

The classic traditional fashion or the rustic style of a room would have a stunning look with the Herringbone pattern of the ceiling.

Glass Ceiling

It is another superb style of ceiling. Parallel the coloured or painted glass ceiling to the room style and add up to the brightness of living room, dining room or kitchen. It is also ideal for beach house to allow the sunrays in the living and dining rooms giving them the bright light of the sunny season.

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