9 Mistakes Stop You From Ideal Foundation

Translation: Samar Yahya

Getting perfect makeup is not as difficult as it seems to many women. Majority of women make the same mistakes when choosing or applying the cream foundation. Makeup expert, Sumyia Ahmed, gives you some tips to get the perfect cream foundation.

– Make sure your skin is free of lint, as it becomes clearer after applying the cream foundation.

– Choose cream foundation that suits your skin type if it is oily, mixed or dry.

– Moisturize your skin before using the cream foundation even if your skin is oily.

– Use foundation brush to apply the cream foundation, and then tap it with a swipe sponge to combine the invisible lines caused by the brush.

– If your skin has lighter and darker areas, choose the cream foundation of the darker area colour, so you will not need to apply a corrector before the foundation.

– Do not use powder with lighter colour than cream foundation.

– Some women use inadequate amount of cream foundation, as they worry about having exaggerated look, however choosing the right colour will look as natural as your skin.

– Make sure that the cream foundation type suits your skin, and it advised to buy small packages to make sure it matches the skin, then buy a large package.

– Do not use the corrector or concealer for no reason as most of the time the cream foundation is adequate if you have made the right choice.

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