Soup, Salad and Sandwich Your Healthy Choice

By: Samar Yahya

With the rapid pace of our modern lifestyle, fast food has become part of majority of people’s daily dietary. However, some try their best to avoid deep frying meals and look for other healthy options.

Salad, Soup and Sandwich new trend that we started to see in our communities in the past couple of years is healthy dietary choices especially for those spend the whole day at work.

We can also see some restaurants downtown or at malls’ food courts serving such meals. Mostly, the served sandwiches are variety of grilled beef, chicken, cheese or cold cuts with choices of salads and soups.

What is really vital here is the pairing of Salad with the Soup and Sandwich. Those restaurants have many suggestions for matching meals.

Some people also prepare their meals the night before and take the meal next day at work, so they can enjoy a healthy meal mid of the day and go back to work more refreshed.

Some suggestions are:

-Lentil soup, grilled Haloumi cheese sandwich and Caesar salad

-Tomato basil soup, grilled turkey and cheese sandwich with beets salad

-Vegetable soup, grilled chicken tenders, watermelon-feta salad

-Chicken cream soup, Philly steak mushroom sandwich, whole grain salad

-Broccoli soup, scrambled egg toast with arugula, Greek cucumber salad.

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