Trendy Straw Bags

By: Samar Yahya

Straw Bags are always there; they are fitting well with everyday summer casual costume and are perfect on the beach. Having a lightweight and at the same time a large bag is needed by every woman in summer.

Straw Bags are always connected with summer. Their lightweight and colours attract majority of women to have one for summer morning breakfasts, shopping tours or beach days, especially with straw hats for sunny summer days.

Every summer, designers develop more colours and shapes to the Straw Bags’ collections.

You can find diverse styles of Straw Bags; the classic woven ones, the ones with refined leather and embroidered styles.

Straw Bags are basic, natural and eco-friendly, but they are not suitable for winter as they could be damaged in rain or bad weather.

With the extensive variety of designs offered by fashion houses, women choose from the wide range of colourful patterns and designs to match their attire and style and enjoy carrying Straw Bags at work.

Some Straw Bags have embroidery, sculpted handles, seashells designs and leather or crochet touches, which make them, apposite for almost all times in summer and spring.

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