Key Exercises to Relieve «Text Neck» Pain

Translation: Samar Yahya

Due to the rapid pace of our modern lifestyle, neck and shoulders pain is no longer restricted to elderly people; on the contrary this pain is threatening all ages.

Because of the continual use of mobile phones and smart devices, which us sit for a long time bending our neck forward with ‘Text Neck’ position, causing pin to the neck, shoulder and spine. As the proverb says, ‘prevention is better than cure’, so it is preferred to follow these steps:

Neck and Shoulders Elasticity Exercises:

o Slowly move your neck from right to left, up to down and then in a round movement. Repeat each movement 8 times. You will feel pain in the first few times of exercise, then your neck muscles will become flexible and you will get rid of pain.

o Place your hand on the right side of your head, push your hand with your head, and repeat the same exercise with your left hand on the other side of your head. Repeat the whole exercise 8 times as well.

o Lie down on the floor and raise your head for 5 seconds, then slowly bring it back. Repeat this exercise 8 times; it will strengthen the neck muscles, which relieves pressure on the vertebrae of the spine.

o Finally, put your hands at your waist and rotate shoulders in a clockwise direction and then anti-clockwise direction. Repeat the exercise 8 times. The shoulder muscles are attached to the neck, and this exercise will help to cure these pains.

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