A Touch of Elegance with Stylish Anklets

By: Samar Yahya

Anklets or “Ankle Chains” would always be found in fashion catalogues, accessories and jewelry stores as they are fashionable at all times. They are considered one of the main accessory trends and all times fashionable accessories.

Anklets are made of silver, gold, and other metals. We can find Anklets made of leather or nylon as well.

The history of Anklets goes back to Ancient Egypt where Anklets could reflect the fortune of a woman and her social status. If a woman was wearing Anklets made of gold and decorated with precious stones, this was obviously stating that she is a wife of a wealthy man.

Nowadays Anklets are worn either during daytime with casual costume, jeans or leggings, or at the beach with a bit larger designs and bright colours. They even look better in summer when worn with sandals.

The thin chain Anklets go best fashionably with evening dress for an outer dinner of gathering.

– Before wearing an Anklet make sure the Anklet will be visible and not compete with the clothing.

-Make sure to have your other jewelry or accessories matching with your Anklet.

-Silver Anklets are always suitable for morning and daytime.

-Anklets made of gold with fine stones are best with evening dresses for parties and weddings.

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