Trendy Female Car Accessories

By: Samar Yahya

To women, car accessories are essential and every woman likes to have her car accessories that echo her personality.

These accessories would be seat covers, key chains, mirrors, air freshener, floor mats, car lashes, steering wheel covers and many more. You can always find varieties of accessories where you can choose and fit in your car.

Seat Covers:

They are the main accessories of your car and the choice of the seat covers’ colours and designs will give the main theme of your car interior and other accessories would match them. However, you should choose the seat cover that protects against dirt and adds fun and fashion to the car as well.

Steering Wheel Cover:

Bright and attractive steering wheel cover adds personal style to your car interiors and makes the ride more interesting and attractive. In addition, it could add a better hand protection to a lady driver.

Floor Mats:

Get the floor mats that match your seat covers in colour and design, they might not be the exact same colour but they should be matching. Choose floor mats that are all rubber non-stick and water resistant backing, as it will last long and fit well on the floor of the car.

Air Fresheners:

Women are known for their love for fragrances, and inside the car fragrance changes the mood. You can always choose an air freshener with a fragrance that also matches the whole style of the car interior and the fragrance that makes you feel fresh such as fruits, Jasmine or Vanilla. Air freshener can lie either beneath your seat or can be hanged around the rear view mirror or in front of AC holes.


Mirrors are basic parts of the car and we can see that many people like to decorate their interior front mirror and sometimes the outer side mirrors. Make sure to add your touch to the interior mirror!

Car Lashes:

Your feminine touch could be seen and noticed on the exterior of your car. Car lashes are one of the fantastic accessories that would add this look to your trendy female car.

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