Squash…The Sport of Fitness, Speed and Concentration

Translation: Samar Yahya

Away from traditional workouts and exercise, our body needs different kinds of sports to entertain, compete and have fun, or even to develop skills and support self-confidence. Squash is one of these sports, which relieves tension and anxiety and improves our daily life.

History of Squash:

Its name is derived from the sound of the ball when it hits racquets and walls. The history of Squash goes back to the 19th century in Britain, from there, it spread to different parts of the world, until it became an independent game in its present form. Winner of the first tournament in 1890 was John Fexy. Later, squash had its own international federation, the game falls under the racquetball sports.

Squash Court:

Squash courts are a playing surface surrounded by four walls. It is played by two players, and requires intense effort and skill to repel the ball vigorously. Each player uses a tight-fitting stitch racquet made of special fabric or black carbon. The ball is made of rubber and is hollow from the inside. Each player must fend off ball after it hits any wall of the four, but not to let it bounce twice.

Benefits of Squash:

Warm-up exercises should be practiced before squash, to facilitate joint movement.

• Improves cardiovascular health.

• Enhances ability to predict, focus, and recognize the path of opponent strikes.

• Increases player’s speed to take the right place.

• Boosts balance, compatibility, and ability to control the body through rapid movements.

• Helps in weight loss, promotes fats and calories burning process.

• Advances fitness, flexibility and promotes building muscles.

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