Ladies Brass Accessories Adds a New Look in Ramadan

By: Samar Yahya

With the steady rise of gold prices, the tendency of women to acquire brassjewellery is increasing, because this jewellery are aesthetically pleasing and durable, as they are always available for polishing, in addition to their affordable prices for everyone.

Accessories expert Dina Al-Mufti will talk to us in four different articles about brass and silver accessories, how to take care of them and how to use them with gems.

Brass also maintains its brilliance over time and can be worn on various occasions and with many costume variations.

Jewellery made of brass varies in size and shape to suit all requirements of women and would be worn in different occasions.

With the approach of the Holy Month of Ramadan, the tendency of women to wear oriental costume in all its forms and a necklace or bracelet of colored stones with brass, add a charming touch and turns herlook from a plain dress to a dazzling outfit.

While some of the brass pieces are bright yellow and their artistic inscriptions are verydazzling, modern pieces; both simple and oxidized, have their beauty for everyday useand particularly for a woman who prefers a simple sportive or casual look.

Some wonder if they could use the same piece of accessory at different times of day? Can I wear a necklace of brass and colored stones with jeans?

The answer is Yes, if you prefer to wearjeans all day with a classic shirt, so you can add a large necklace of brass with colored stones to go out in the evening with friends wearing the same clothes.

It is also suggested to wear a large brass ring with a stone of agate or turquoise, for example in the morning and exclude any other accessories.

One more advice from Al-Mufti, do not exaggerate in using accessories, a lady can wear a full set of small pieces or one large piece of jewellery.

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