Best times for Workout in Ramadan

Translation: Samar Yahya

Workout is a lifestyle and it is difficult to decide not to practise for a whole month, due to thirst, hunger or extreme heat. The arising question here would be; when can we workout during Ramadan?

First, we ensure you that exercise is not just a muscular workout, but it is a lifestyle. For example, walking while going to work is a workout, whenever possible do it, but the situation and time vary during Ramadan.

Sports during fasting is a common mistake

The sports coach and nutritionist Khalid Hafez confirms that it is a big mistake for anyone to exercise immediately after Iftar; it would negatively affect their health, especially the digestive system and would cause reflux and heartburn.

A fasting person can adopt a diet that keeps pace with his practice of sport. He would break his fast with dates and a cup of milk or juice. When finished with Salah, he would exercise, and then eat the main course of Iftar. If he has his Iftar, then he should wait for two hours before exercising.

Tips for Workout in Ramadan:

The balance between fasting and sports during the holy month of Ramadan is one of the priorities that we must maintain and should not underestimate during the holy month. Therefore there are some important tips that we should follow, thus exercise would not fireback on us:

– If you exercise during fasting, it should be just before Iftar.

– Exercise for maximum one hour.

After Iftar, take 2-4 hours before exercise, depending on the meal you had.

– When exercising after Iftar, drink 100-200 ml of fluids every 15 minutes.

– After Iftar, water is best to compensate fluids loss at the beginning of exercise, and after 60 minutes it becomes necessary to take juices.

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