Right and Wrong in Hair Treatment Facts about Protein, Keratin, Collagen, Botox, Filler and formaldehyde

Translation: Samar Yahya
Throughout ages, Arab women have been always paying great care for their hair and that’s why they are known for the beauty of their hair.
Reham Adel Suleiman, expert in hair treatment and beauty of hair, began her passion when she was playing with her hair and her sister’s hair, and this passion led her to be specialized in hair despite her degree in the law.
With eight years of experience in Protein and hair treatment, Suleiman will answer questions of girls and women about beauty and hair treatments, to reveal facts about Formaldehyde, Protein, Keratin and Collagen, providing valuable information about Botox and Filler, and tips on products’ quality standards and how to care for hair health and treatment in safe ways!
“Despite my love for the field, it was not easy to know its secrets. I gained my information through study, research and various experiments of the types of products and mixtures in the market, to know the best and the most beneficial.
” Suleiman said “Then came practice and application of good and safe products licensed from the SFDA and avoiding unknown products that contain harmful substances with unsafe or internationally banned standards. Thence, applying effectively to many different hair types, understanding the nature of each hair and the appropriate product for it, every type of hair has its special nature and the product that suits it; we can not apply one product to all types of hair.”
Passion Is The Base of Work
Suleiman reveals that her work in hair treatment is due to her love, passion and attention to everything related to the beauty of hair and noting that many women are very disturbed by their hair damage, and they look for fast treatment, This annoyance, is what created her curiosity to enter the world of hair treatment and smoothing.
Debate over Formaldehyde
Suleiman said that formaldehyde is an organic compound
with chemical type of aldehydes (CH2O), a colorless gas at normal temperature, fast soluble in water and flammable, used extensively in the medical and industrial fields, and with very small amounts as a preservative in food industry.
Carcinogenic and High Toxic
Formaldehyde is used in the preservation of certain cosmetics, manufacturing of some types of hard fabrics and coarse napkins (cheap toilet tissues), and also in of plastic materials. Formaldehyde is a highly toxic substance that must be dealt with carefully. It is carcinogenic and causes numerous damages to the skin and mucous membranes and others.
Replacement of natural components
As many types of formaldehyde are been spread in market, it is recommended to use totally free of formaldehyde treatments or substituted treatments with natural compounds; to treat damaged hair with amino acids and natural proteins for the enhancement of hair without harmful substances.
Free of Formaldehyde Products
Suleiman noted that with scientific and technological development, and research in the field of treatment and hair, found out that when adding other strong and effective proteins without formaldehyde to keratin protein, the result is much better which was applied in many products in the Brazilian and US markets.
Quality Standards
Formaldehyde-free product should be;
– Branded with name and trademark, with company license and address.
– Need not a mask or gloves while applying to the hair
– To wash the hair in the same day and not to wait 3 or 4 days
– Ensure that the product is free of formaldehyde or its alternatives from different names such as: Formaldehyde, Formol, Methyl aldehyde, Methylen glycol and Methylen oxid
– The product odor before use is not strong and could be inhaled or sniffed normally.
– When applying the product to the hair, especially in the satge of the smoothness, it does not give strong odor or extreme vapors, does not cause redness of the eye, burning, tears or shortness of breath. If the girl/ woman feels these symptoms, she should stop at once.
The safe rate is 0.2%
Suleiman stresses that there is no substance more dangerous than formaldehyde on women and humans in general, especially it has been used in many cosmetic and hair products, particularly as preservative for lab-prepared protein. It should not exceed the international standards in adding the formulations, of 0.2%.
“Caviar” …The best Protein
Protein is a combination of protein, amino acids, collagen, argan oil, caviar, wheat and cashmere with nanotechnology that treats all hair problems and enriches it with proteins and vitamins using the mutual interaction of amino acids leaving hair soft, shiny, and healthy. It is a developed keratin supplemented by different proteins that vary according to different types of hair.
There are different types of added proteins such as caviar proteins that give hair elasticity, improve the health of the scalp and are a deep moisturizer. There are many protein products in the Brazilian market called caviar protein.
And Soy As Well
Soy protein is also one of the proteins involved in the formation of hair smoothing products, which helps retain hair moisture, protects it from damage, and improves hair strength.
88% of a Hair is Keratin
Keratin is a natural protein that contains 88% of the hair follicle, as created by God, a basic protein responsible for the health, brightness and freshness of hair, and the best type is the completely free of formaldehyde.
Collagen, also known as developed keratin, is a type of natural, it is a key protein for hair and skin formation.
Botox is a Therapeutic Application
The Botox is a therapy rather than smoothing or softening of the hair. It is applied to the damaged hair to reach the depth of the hair and restoring its health, repairing the most damaged hair. It also acts as a deep moisturizer from the roots to the ends and cheaper than other treatments.
Filler is Smoothing and Treatment
Suleiman says that the Filler is an application that combines hair smoothing with the treatment of shaggy hair, different from therapeutic filler that increases hair thickness and volume over repeated sessions. Filler differs from keratin in terms of composition and function.
5 months For Protein
Suleiman noted that protein lasts around 4 to 6 months on hair, and might go up to 7 months if using the special shampoo and conditioner free of chloride and sodium sulphate, and to wash the hair when needed and not on a daily basis, use of free of ammonia hair coloring, reduce swimming as chlorine and sea water reduce the duration of protein on the hair.
High temperature is Need
Suleiman concludes that all types of protein stay on the surface of the hair, and can not penetrate the body of it, so the use of high temperature helps it to go into the hair, and it designed with high technology that is of no harm with high heat.
For this purpose, special nanotechnology tools are used, coated with titanium, which prevents electrostatic charges and therefore do not lead to hair damage, and their high temperature ensures that the hair is fully encapsulated.

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