Pilates Fitness Exercises For All Ages

Translation: Samar Yahya

Pilates, fitness exercises were developed by the German physical trainer Joseph Pilates at the beginning of the 20th century, have recently become one of the most known exercises in fitness centers in the world.

At first, United States dancers used it as a means of rehabilitation and recovering from injuries. By 2005, more than a million people, in the United States and Britain alone, were practicing Pilates.

Comprehensive and for all

Pilates is a comprehensive exercise that works on body formation, to improve its balance and increase flexibility and muscle strength; rehabilitate body in all aspects. It is distinguished as anyone can practise it whatever his age. Practitioners of Pilates find it contributing to their strength and forming a distinctive and graceful body.

Pilates philosophy and how to practise

Its special tools are designed to develop physical strength, flexibility, posture, and boosting mental awareness. The philosophy of Pilates is based on the core force, to strengthen the body balance to reach the deep muscles, abdominal and inner back muscles.

Principles and Benefits

Concentration, control, flow, breathing, accuracy and concentration are all the basic principles of Pilates exercises, and its benefits are:

– Enhance fitness

– Help strength

– Increase flexibility

– Support body energy

– Encourage weight loss

– Develop the core force

– Contribute to Body uniformity

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