Improve Your Memory By Your Lifestyle

By: Samar Yahya

Previously it was believed that once your memory started to go down a bit, things could only get worse, however presently it was proven that if you give your brain what it needs, your brain will always have the opportunity to grow new cells.

Healthy Food, exercise and special techniques can effectively influence your brain works and memory.

Exercise, such as Aerobic is particularly good for the brain, also physical activities that require hand-eye coordination are particularly beneficial for the brain.

The Mediterranean diet that includes lots of vegetables, fibers and protein is said to be the best for health and brain. Some of the top memory foods are:

Avocado, Berries, Coconut oil, Cold-water, Fatty fish, Dark chocolate, Eggs, Green leafy vegetables, Olive oil, Sea vegetables, Turmeric and Walnuts. These foods include omega 3, fatty acids, probiotics, vitamins, iodine and more minerals and elements.

Harvard Health Letter used 5 Memory-enhancing techniques to help improve Memory


Repeating something in a different way or at a different time will allow you to build stronger memories. You can take notes, repeat a name, a word or a phrase that someone says to you or after you hear it for the first time.


A small book note or even a phone calendar can help you keep track of appointments and you can write anything that you would like to remember. Keep your book note in the same spot at home that will energize your memory to take it whenever you leave.


Associate a new name, phrase or word with an image. Visualization strengthens the association you are making between the thing and its name.


Cue yourself by giving related details or talking around the word, name, or fact. You can also Use alarm or timer to remind you of tasks or appointments.


To remember a long list of items or numbers, group them in sets of three to five, just as you would to remember a phone number.

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