Ola Zaid’s National Themed Collection Stand outAbroad

Translation: Samar Yahya Photography – Ohoud Lights Studio

Ola Zaid, the Saudi Abaya designer recently participated in Cairo Fashion Festival in Egypt. Exquisite designs and unique materials characterize her collection of ten Abayas, four of which where had made of silk with Kingdom’s emblem embroidered in golden threads.

The rest of Abayas were haute couture made of cotton, lace fabric and silk decorated with handmade beads.

Valuable Addition in Ola’s Design Career

Ola pointed out that her participation in Cairo Fashion Festival and meeting with a group of designers from different countries such as Lebanon, Iraq and Morocco is an important addition to her career, especially that each designer came representing his/her culture in designs. Ola was proud of her collection that had emblem of great Saudi Arabia.

Exhibitions Abroad

On why are majority of designers keen to participate in exhibitions abroad compared to their minor participation in local exhibitions, Ola commented that local exhibitions are very expensive, thus came the idea of exhibitions abroad being cheaper if not the same cost, in addition they offer exposure to Arab and global countries.

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