7 Trendy Lipstick Colours

By: Samar Yahya

Makeup shades alter from one season to the other. The colours for winter and fall are not the same ones for spring and summer.

To update your look, makeup artists focus on lipstick colours for every season.

We have seen celebrities wearing bright, nude and matt colours in different events. Today we chose seven lipstick colours to vary your look in different occasions. We have seen shades of pink, red, orange and even nude colours.

Petal Pink

This shade of pink is the perfect practical lip colour for mornings in spring and summer. This lipstick hue goes with almost everything. It matches almost all clothes and looks.

Pumpkin Red

One of the top colours not only for summer but for all seasons. It is true that pumpkin red lipstick is one of the red shades that are best for the evening outings and parties.


A fabulous bright lipstick shade that is great for the afternoon gatherings with smart casual or casual style. Pair it with a glossy finish for a bright look.


Nude lipstick is always a good option for all women. Since nude is pretty neutral and matches every skin tone. It is no better shade for the summer.


It is a colour that we can see all the year. It is one of the biggest trends and it looks gorgeous at all times. It can be paired with the lighter hue eyeshadow.


Though very bright, metallic lipstick is favoured in many occasions. Pick your favourite shade of metallic lipstick for a bright summer look.

Electric Orange

This exciting shade is one of the brightest colours for summer for a bold look in family and friends gatherings.

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